David Rosenmann-Taub: 
Poems and Commentaries

David Rosenmann-Taub: Poems and Commentaries

An Anthology of Poems with a New Translational Strategy

By Ken Gorfkle, Ph.D.

The poems of Chilean poet David Rosenmann-Taub take us on a journey into another world…

…until, with reflection and understanding, we suddenly recognize that world as our own, understood at a more profound level. In this new book, Ken Gorfkle’s translation and commentary on Rosenmann-Taub’s poems shed new light on a body of work that has been praised for decades but rarely examined in depth.

Rosenmann-Taub’s poetry has been translated and anthologized over four continents during the last seven decades. Gorfkle’s book now breaks new ground in three important domains:

    • This anthology marks the first time that an English translation is available to introduce Rosenmann-Taub’s work to the American audience.
    • The book gives in-depth interpretations of a substantial number of poems that attempt the greatest possible fidelity to the poet’s expressive intention. Employing the hermeneutics of French philosopher Paul Ricoeur and the contemporary translation theory of translational hermeneutics as his approach to interpreting and expressing the poet’s work, Gorfkle first translates the poems word for word, then paraphrases them for the reader’s comprehension. Professional and lay readers alike are now able to access the meaning of a substantial number of Rosenmann-Taub’s poems, in both English and Spanish.
    • Gorfkle translates and comments on poems that address different aspects of the human condition: life and death, knowledge and self-knowledge, God and nature, development and regression, eroticism, familial and social relationships, and consciousness and unconsciousness. In doing so, he illuminates Rosenmann-Taub’s worldview in these domains for the first time.

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The Commentary of Kenneth Gorfkle


"[Gorfkle’s] glosses, syntheses, contain force and truth: they are incisive and coherent.  At times, they are impregnated with the lyric spirit of the original and incorporate poetic echoes and elements.  …David Rosenmann-Taub: Poems and Commentaries: A Commented Anthology constitutes…a valuable contribution to the study of the work of David Rosenmann-Taub and the proof of a deep and vivid reading, one that reveals a unique method of approaching a literature as demanding as that of the Chilean poet."

Eduardo Moga, from his book review David Rosenmann-Taub: Poems and Commentaries: A Commented Anthology.

"A pioneering, insightful introduction to the work of a major world poet whose books deserve to be vastly better known."

Timothy Crouse, O. Henry Prize author and co-translator of Nobel Laureate Roger Martin du Gard’s Lieutenant-Colonel de Maumort.